The BornClear Class
Denise Spatafora, BornClear Class

The course is designed to be taught in one day on purpose. It is normally taught on a Saturday from 9-6pm with breaks - we have alliances with many locations here in NYC including Soho Parenting. This works best for most people's schedules and more importantly it is the most powerful way to absorb the course.

You are steeped in the "vibe" and education of birth and all unfolds and builds on the conversation as the day goes on. It is best to do BornClear as early as possible as it sets the tone for how you feel, your decisions, actions, conversations and experience.

The cost of the course includes the course, Better Birth book and two half-hour private calls customized to review the homework given at the end of the course day, to answer questions and to address fears/concerns. At the end of those two calls, we declare you complete and ready.


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