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BornClear is a unique childbirth preparation course based on the mind-body connection and revolutionary in dispelling the fears and mystery around birth.  Denise Spatafora, founder and creator of BornClear designed this education/philosophy after giving birth to both of her children at home - peacefully, powerfully and beautifully.  She says she would give birth a "million times over" and that is not the common thing most of us hear.  She wanted to create one source where you could have all your questions answered, get educated, empowered, trust yourself and learn more about yourself as you birth your baby and yourself as a mother and father.

Denise's background as a coach to hundreds of people and motivational speaker over the last decade gives her a deep understanding of human beings bringing a rich foundation to the education.  One's thoughts and beliefs create the experience of life, including the experience of conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.  So with this BornClear prepares women and couples fully on every level, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If this is the only course you take, you will be fully prepared.  It does not matter if you are giving birth at home, a hospital or in a birthing center---our intention and focus is that you are educated, trust yourself and that you are clear and empowered when making all your choices.

Mentally, we educate you on how the mind affects the body and how your thoughts can release "the medicines/pain relievers" you have within your body, your internal medicine chest.  Emotionally we address fears and concerns that may be affecting the experience of your pregnancy and your upcoming birth. In this process, many BornClear participants have learned so much about themselves, including issues in life that limit their clarity and happiness.  These may be the same issues that show themselves as limits when preparing for birth; so the opportunity to journey.

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We also educate you on all the physical aspects of labor, all the stages of labor and how your mind can impact those stages. This part of the course includes the "BornClear toolbox" which is made up of several relaxation techniques and visualizations that have you learn and practice how to access your own chemicals that will allow comfort during birth, linking the mental with the physical as well as powerfully connecting with your body and baby.

If you have ever done yoga or any kind of physical exercise where you have felt pain/discomfort, you may remember breathing through it and staying with the sensation, not resisting it---the pain morphs into something else or leaves entirely, this is the exact experience of birth. We guide you in a birth plan, your wish list, all the questions you will need to ask and how to have the right conversations that will make sure you and your "birth team" (Doctor, midwife, doula, family) are aligned, clear and prepared before hand.

Please know when you hear about all the horror stories or see birth stories that did not go well---it is clear that many questions by the birthing parents were not asked or aligned upon before the birth, this is not a judgment, just an indication of the lack of education and awareness. It is like building your dream house and leaving the design and flow of the home up to your architect and the interior designer---you truly do have a way you want your birth to go and we guide you in all you need to do to be prepared and clear.

Better Birth Book, BornClear Method, Denise SpataforaWe address life, the first six months, after birth, which includes breastfeeding, the support you will need, sleeping habits, caring for yourself and your partnership and more.  We get you present that there is truly a person coming into your life in addition to a birthing event, and all that comes with that so again you are empowered and prepared.

The partners/men who come to the course sometimes are more scared than the women giving birth - it has been amazing for the partners to also become educated and understand the power of the role they play.  BornClear ensures that the couple/team are aligned about what they are creating and from here so much more is possible.

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