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“In our hyper medicalized world even the ancient process of birthing has not been spared its potent rod. With that has come fear and confusion as expecting parents are bombarded with contradictory information and hence disempowered as participants in their child's arrival upon this plane. It is no small feat to bring back this magical gift back to the fold of humanity with medicine as an optional co participant instead of the dictator it has become. A job well done by Ms. Spatafora.”

Abdi Assadi M.S., L.Ac


"Better Birth is a treasure – full of exactly the information every woman needs to conceive and nurture a baby through a joyous and meaningful birth.”denise-spatafora-and-daughter

Christiane Northrup, MD 
Author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Bantam, 2005)
The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, revised 2006)
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Bantam, revised 2006)


“As a doctor who has partnered with and witnessed many women’s birth experiences in my hospital and birthing center, I highly recommend ( and have it be mandatory reading for my patients) that every pregnant couple read BornClear to be fully educated and empowered—out of this they will trust themselves and their choices. BornClear is a revolutionary, evolutionary education."

Dr. Jacques Moritz
Director of GYN. St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital & Birthing Center NYC
Featured in Business of Being Born film


"Born Clear is a must read for any woman who is pregnant or is planning to be pregnant. It is a beautiful book that shows expectant moms the importance of understanding their Mind-Body connection and their own ability to create the birth they want - skills they can take into their pregnancy, birth and impart to their children. It is truly a delight. Denise consciously motivates women to take control of all realms of their birth experience. In a society where women have felt powerless for centuries, when moving into birth, Denise helps to empower women in many arenas. She gives a mom-to-be the opportunity to create the magical birth experience that will stay with her forever. We congratulate Denise on her dedication to helping women walk with their full grace and dignity on this planet."

Sat Nam Gurmukh
Director, Golden Bridge Yoga, Los Angeles & New York City
Author of “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.”


"Women have allowed doctors and hospitals to scare them about all of the (largely overblown) “risks” of pregnancy and childbirth. So women have given up responsibility for their own bodies, turning it over to the doctors who then medicalize birth, treating the women as bodies without minds. Medicalized birth is now out-of-control in the U.S. with one-third of all birth turned into a major abdominal surgical procedure---cesarean section---leading to a rising number of women dying around the time of childbirth. In Born Clear, Denise Spatafora has brought the science of the mind-body connection to conception, pregnancy and childbirth, once again giving women control of these most important events in their lives. American women need to defend themselves against the terrible medicalization of their reproduction lives by reading this book as it will change how they see their own body, how they treat their own body using all the tools described in the book, and how they bring this new paradigm to having a baby."

Dr. Marsden Wagner, M.D.,M.S.
Author of “Born in the USA”, “Pursuing the Birth Machine and Tough Choices”
Former Director of Women’s and Children’s Health at the World Health Organization


"Helpful and generous, Denise's book opens the way for one's own visionary approach
to birthing and beyond. This should be required reading for all pregnant women!"

Elena Brower
Owner, Virayoga
Mother of one


"Information that is provided in an accurate and clear way allows us to make the choices in our lives that will empower our best future potential. BornClear is one of those well-written, thoroughly researched books, which everyone will benefit from. It is really one of the new manuals to help mothers and fathers become conscious about birthing, parenting and living."

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Author, “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind”
Researcher, multi-award winning movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know?”
Editorial Advisor, Explore Magazine


“Childbirth is a complex neurohormonal, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual event. However childbirth in our fast-paced, media culture has become a technological and increasingly surgical event, as the innate wisdom of childbirth has been replaced by a disempowering rhetoric of fear, experts and interventions. Denise Spatafora’s compelling guide, “Better Birth,” is a gift that offers women a practical and loving “toolkit”: instilling confidence, providing essential skills, and navigating the range of choices and challenges that arise during conception and pregnancy through giving birth into motherhood. The exercises, based on the BornClear method, are rooted in the science of childbirth, and offer women practical ways to nourish resilient connections between mind and body, while understanding and accessing the neurohormonal states that optimize conception, pregnancy, and the process of giving birth.”

Eden G. Fromberg, DO
Holistic Gynecology & Integrative Fertility
Midwifery Supportive Obstetrician
International Women’s Health Consultant
The Business of Being Born film & blog


"An eye-opening and compelling explanation of the information needed by mothers-to-be to cast away the culture of 'fear' surrounding birth and to gain the empowering confidence of 'knowledge', leading to a new era of more humanized pregnancy and birth. Denise Spatafora explains how the over use of medical technology and the commercialization of birth is interrupting the timeless biological blueprint of birth embedded in all women. This extraordinary book will help us restore the dignity and respect that each mother and child deserves, in order to favorably impact us and our children throughout life."

Barbara B. Powers
AMAYAL, Center for the Education of Health and Wellbeing

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